Haley: Strength & Femininity

Updated: Jan 1

Meet Haley - Femininity is strong. Being exposed, being transparent, and showing emotion is strength. Women celebrate who you are. Don't compete and compare yourself with men. Don't wish your emotions were less visible.

My goal for this session with Haley was to not only show that women should love and embrace their vulnerability, kindness and beauty. But to also know that you have a strength in you that is unparalleled to anything else we have ever seen in this world. In this world we are taught that it's either/or. I used to believe that myself until a dear friend a church taught me that your world opens up when you see everything as an "AND". You are beautiful And Fierce. Strong AND delicate. A protector AND one who needs protecting. While I admit I have never been much of a writer and find it difficult for me to convey my thoughts into words, most of the time, I feel grateful that I can still help spread this new meaning of the word "And" through my photography.

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