Creative Session with Haley

Updated: Jan 1

We hope you enjoy these dynamic images from our creative session with Haley! Every now and then you just have to take some time to have some fun and be creative. While I typically lean towards black and white photography, sometimes I just get inspired by a color I see or just to convey a mood that I am in. On this day, I was feeling a surge of energy...almost as if it was like those Sunburst commercials you see on tv where someone bites into the candy and your tv turns into a colorful candy wonderland that is just popping off of the screen. So, here is what I came up with. A big thank you to our model, Haley, for always being so awesome and up for playing in front of the camera. While you're here, check out our Facebook and Instagram for updates and the latest with ATX Portraits. Thanks for visiting this gallery!

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