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Lots of people come to me, asking how I can capture a specific milestone in their lives. Here are the ways that I'm able to help:

Studio Portraits- Are you celebrating confidence after overcoming a season of struggles? Are you starting a new life? I can help you celebrate with portraits that make you feel like a rock star! (Health victories, rekindling a marriage, leaving an unhealthy relationship, or starting fresh in a new city.) *This includes Women's Beauty & Glamour Portraits, Dramatic Gentlemen's Portraits, and Fine Art Photography. 

Editorial PortraitsDo you own a business that could use professional branding?  Do you have a hobby that you want to show to the world? I've had the privilege of catering to a variety of clients ranging from car and gun portraits to musicians, to a fun and unique way of showing your personality!  I can help capture your authentic "you".


Couples Photos- Are you celebrating a milestone in your romantic relationship? Are you getting ready to propose or are you already engaged? I'll help you time-capsule your new beginning.

Senior Photos- Have you about to graduate? Is your daughter or son heading off to college? Consider investing in a keepsake that you can share with family and friends for years to come.

Professional Headshots- Are you preparing for a career change or are you looking to enhance your current LinkedIn profile? Are you auditioning for a part in a movie, play or commercial?  I can help you achieve a professional look to keep hiring managers engaged.

To learn more, scroll down for more info! ~ Chris 

How it Works


Complimentary 45-min style and concept consultation where we will create your vision board and select a date & time for your appointment. 


Let's have some FUN!  Don't worry about a thing... I will coach you through how to look your very best in photos.

Ordering Appointment

Scheduled to take place within two weeks of your Photoshoot. I will present to you your amazing fully-retouched fine art prints. What you buy is totally up to you!


If you've decided to purchase any fine-art prints for yourself, family or friends, I'll schedule time ahead to deliver them to you for your convenience!


Can I just The Get Digitals?

Digitals and prints are the same price. Each image you purchase comes with it's corresponding digital


Do you shoot on Weekends?

Yes! I offer sessions on the weekend, but they get booked up fast.!

Do you offer Payment Plans?

Yes, I do offer payment plans.

What if I don't know how to pose?

Don't worry about a thing! I will walk you through posing every step of the way. 

How long does it take to get my images?

It takes  2-4 weeks from pre-consult to product delivery.

What should I wear?

During our consult, we will go through what to wear and what looks good in photos .



"Very personable, very friendly. Super fun vibe and a great experience. Love having pictures done."


"Chris CRUSHED it! He made us feel incredibly at ease, and you can tell by the way our true personalities were captured. I loved them so much, I cried when I first saw them. "


"Fun and professional environment! Chris definitely has an eye for edgy photography!"


"These are STUNNING!!!! Thank you so much! You Killed it!"

Travis & Kyla

"We were honored to have You do these photos!! You are so talented and we had so much fun shooting with you and Arleen!! Thank you again for everything!"

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