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A boudoir session is truly an empowering experience that many women have found to be life-changing. Whether you are being photographed for your fiancé, your spouse, or as a gift to yourself, each session is meant to celebrate your beauty and empower you. We are here to help you on your journey towards self-love, and confidence. Our purpose is to provide you with gorgeous, timeless photos that you will love.


Your boudoir session is styled like a magazine shoot and personalized to make you look and feel elegant and alluring. They are tailored specifically to you with various artistic lighting set-ups, backgrounds, poses, and style changes. Your session is never rushed as we only book one client a day, which allows us the freedom to spend the time needed to perfect each setup and help you make the most out of your shoot. Even if it is your first professional photography session, our goal is to ensure you feel comfortable, beautiful, confident, and empowered. During your photoshoot with us, Chris will direct you through elegant poses, focusing on angles that bring out your most beautiful self while providing a luxurious day of pampering.

Why boudoir photography?


To Empower and Encourage yourself to love and embrace how God has
made you.

Step out from your day-to-day and explore something new and exciting!

To celebrate where you are in your journey. 

To give yourself a gift of self-love and appreciation.

Recognize that you've NEVER lost your sexy!

It makes a great gift for your anniversary, wedding day or Valentine's day.

It's okay to live a little, splurge a little, and feel drop-dead gorgeous every once in a while!




As a Portrait photographer, Chris focuses is on discovering and capturing the essence of your beauty.  His style is simple and classic, and we work with you to determine the look and feel

of your shoot.

  • Classic Boudoir - Our Boudoir Style is dynamic, bright, crisp, and clean. Skin tones are accurate and the natural colors of the scene “pop,” giving images a beautiful, timeless aesthetic. 

  • Bodyscapes - Our Bodyscapes are bold, crisp, and absolutely stunning.

  • Silhouettes - Our Silhouettes are based on the overall look and feel you want from your boudoir session. They can be bright and angelic or dark and very dramatic.

"That's great...But, what do all these terms mean?"

I'm glad you asked!

  • Boudoir is typically the term for images shot in a home-style setting, such as a bedroom, bathroom, or hallway.  


  • Bodyscapes are shot in a studio setting. They are black & white, very high contrast, and are typically focused more on your body or specific body parts. This is an exquisite way of showing off all of your assets. The best part about it, these types of photos can be showcased anonymously, so nobody will know it's actually you unless you tell them. They make excellent wall-art pieces that will spice up your bedroom or bathroom walls. 

  • Silhouettes are the bridge between bodyscapes and boudoir. They are also traditionally shot in black & white and can be done in a studio or home setting. These are really elegant. The focus can be either on you, your body, specific body parts, or even what you are wearing. 



Everyone is nervous! It's totally normal! You'll have a great time though and when you see your gorgeous images, it will totally be worth it!